Hello I’m Eric James!
I’m currently a Front-End and UI Developer. This is my personal blog and project site.

Latest Posts

  • How COVID Tipped My Mental Health Over the Edge
    The news of 1 in 5 people being diagnosed with a mental disorder after testing positive for COVID-19 really shouldn’t be shocking. Disease itself is a traumatic event for anyone. Broken legs and flus are easily stored memories by your mind so that you may try to avoid them in the future. But having a
  • Curing My Soul with EMDR
    I can’t even begin to describe what has happened to me in just the past few months. The stress of Covid, lockdowns, social isolation, and being stuck in a place I didn’t quite desire culminated in daily panic attacks. Certainly I always had a high baseline of generalized anxiety, but I knew something was different
  • Anxiously Ambivalent Lover
    Reading The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel A. van der Kolk The established study on attachment theory distribution shows 9% of children in typical middle class families developed anxious-ambivalent attachment, while the majority 62% were the normal secure type. I’m alarmed my parents might have made me a dysfunctional outlier. I was a little
  • Burning Down My City
    I tweeted earlier during coronavirus about how the “100-year pandemic” is something that long-term planning is indeed suppose to address. Like the 100-year flood in land use, the decisions we made yesterday are setting the stage as to how well we can cope today and tomorrow. All those zoning rules and planning commission decisions in
  • Living With My COVID Neighbor
    Late on Friday my building management emailed us to say that a resident reported they tested positive for COVID-19. I was shocked. Then I was like, wait, I have been living the past month as if someone in my building of 300 souls already had it. For weeks when I ventured out to do laundry