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Unconsciously Walking to the Hospital

Something I noticed lately is how much I was creating anxiety by walking near a hospital along the river trail path I take. My daily walk would start off positively and then slowly every few hundred feet, the anxiety would grow and I would start

Forward and Backward

I haven’t been posting lately because I felt like I reached a nice plateau in my mental wellness. Summer has certainly been an important factor and also the opening of U.S. cities given our lucky vaccination break. And of course one should be able to

That Time I had a Wild Panic Attack in a BART Station

Six years ago I walked onto an outbound BART train at Montgomery Station after work. It was like any ordinary day taking the train home except for the fact that I was particularly incensed by work issues as a then land use planner. Clients were

Financial Literacy Tips for Self-Worth

Continued financial literacy notes from Financial Literacy and Mental Health Hedonic Adaptation Amount of money !== mindset Money can change quality of life but does not impact well being Happiness? See lottery winners There is a lot of information out there now about hedonic adaptation

Therapy is Dead or The Ego Needs Anxiety

The self seeks recognition from others (full, honest, authentic, and non-judging recognition) – the ego, however, likes its recognition to be conditional upon its own expectations and desires. Dr. Aaron Blalick The human that you see in front of you And the one that you

Financial Literacy Tips for Mental Health

Apparently there is a whole field called “financial therapy” which focuses on the psychology aspects of money. I took a Zoom workshop from The Financial Diet and wanted to share my notes. There isn’t anything revolutionary, these are just basic life skills but for many

Revealing Your Distorted Thinking

I have tried many different mental health websites to see if I could gain any new wisdom into my life. There is one out of Australia called MoodGym that is a sort of a fun adventure into a typical anxiety book you might find off

A Compassionate Letter to Yourself

The group session prompted us to write a compassionate letter to ourselves. Now after a few weeks I’m looking back and thinking how short and simple it was. Typically when I write notes to my therapist, it’s a barrage of meaningful meaninglessness. Why was I

Dealing with Uncertainty, Higher Power, and FOMO

I learn so much about what’s happening to me by hearing others convey the same experience. This week’s group therapy dealt with uncertainty. It was so incredible to hear others share their health anxiety thoughts and immediately I felt relieved to know I wasn’t the