Front-End Portfolio

Front-end development and user interface design for browser desktop, tablet, and mobile.


Developed: 2018

Screen based transit app. Implementation and iteration of Isometric Design Studio concept with design refinement and detailing.


Developed: 2019

Transit app UI design and implementation in React for all devices and platforms.


Developed: 2017

Simple UI visualization dashboard to display complex high-volume transportation data for administrative use.


Developed: 2011

Role: Front-End Developer Drupal theme design build HTML/CSS/PHP Google Maps mash-ups This non-profit needed a visual and functional improvement to their previous hand-made Drupal theme. A full redesign introduces a new logo and focuses the text orientated site.

Bike Wander

Showing bicycle parking and facilities in a city.


I was just really sick of not being able to figure out a decent coffeeshop in a new city that had conditions ripe for “computering” — wifi, outlets, bathrooms, and good coffee. This is my curated list of discoveries I’ve found along the way.

Community Broadband Networks Map

This map visualizes community broadband networks in the U.S. and overlays states which have restricting laws against municipal networks. The map draws from the client’s Fusion Tables spreadsheet to populate information. Custom markers were designed in Illustrator. jQuery creates toggle buttons for “network” markers, “state”

Next Century Cities

Launch design and WordPress build for non-profit protecting cities’ rights to broadband infrastructure.

Muir Data

Proposed branding and front-end designs for wind power data company.

Grayline Clothing

Developed: 2009

Consistent message from store to screen.

Cafe Kem

Developed: 2010

Establish a strong brand at the start.

Forecast Give to the Max

Developed: 2011

Role: Front-End Developer HTML/CSS PHP-MySQL js/jQuery Mini-site for Forecast Public Art during Give to the Max Day that allows donors to “give” by adding a piece of public artwork to an online mosaic. This interactive site lets donors share their favorite artwork on a Pinterest-esque

TC Metro App

PHP javascript/jQuery AJAX methods HTML5 doctype CSS3 gradients, transitions Media queries, all platforms My personal project, a web-based real-time transit app using Metro Transit’s nextrip API.

Latch Lake Music

Developed: 2010

Role: Front-End Developer, UX Design Static HTML/CSS js/jQuery tooltips Product and company website for a microphone stand industrial manufacturer. Experiential product pages allow visitors to hover and view particular product features.

Twin Cities History in Maps

The first in a series of Google Maps tools that leverages geo-mapping for urban studies analysis. Users explore the historical settlement of the Twin Cities, grouped into residential districts that plug into informational windows and Streetview hot spots. The Twin Cities Residential Patterns Map details


Developed: 2008

Static HTML/CSS Custom php mail form Student group website.

Urbanware Store

Developed: 2010

Role: Front-End Developer, UX Design Static HTML/CSS/js PayPal js minicart A simple e-commerce store for a local coffee shop. Clean and intuitive design, functional code with PayPal integration on a limited budget.

RAW Design Build

Developed: 2010

Role: Front-End Developer HTML/CSS/PHP Media queries for screen size Mobile version Experiential site for a field architecture workshop. The client proposed a non-traditional absolute layout based on minimalism which required extensive CSS editing and cross-browser QA. Media queries adjust proportions and scale a featured background

5R Research

Developed: 2011

Role: Front-End Developer HTML5/CSS Static Clean and simple static website showcasing an industrial company’s technology through text and visual. Client wanted a focus on typography and layout without distracting movements. Extensive use of drop shadows, text shadows, gradients, and text over images keep the design

The Wake Magazine

Developed: 2012

HTML5/CSS/PHP/js WordPress rebuild, design, db clean-up Complete theme rebuild for a newspaper website. Extensive use of WordPress’ query function to call and order articles. Many lists such as current authors are dynamically generated. Layered else if statements to prioritize and present front page content. Site


Developed: 2012

HTML/CSS JavaScript/jQuery php Prototype of landing page transitions and registration forms.

Solar Parity Map

Role: Front-End Developer with Javascript emphasis, UX Design js/jQuery Google Maps API The Institute for Local Self Reliance’s John Farrell wanted a map that conveyed when cities would achieve “grid parity” — the time at which solar energy is cheap enough to do it without

Whittier Alliance

Developed: 2012

Neighborhoods need to stay connected.


Proposed branding and design for San Francisco health tech startup.


Developed: 2008

Role: Front-End Dev, UX Design WordPress custom theme HTML/CSS Clean design for non-profit organization.

Bedford Music

Developed: 2008

Marketing music with a professional vibe.

Lind Homes

Developed: 2006

Role: Branding / Logo Design Tech: Illustrator, Photoshop A luxury custom home builder in Minneapolis was interested in branding and better promoting her business during the real estate boom. The client wanted to emphasize the much sophisticated and artistic approach toward her home design than

Marketing Food Trucks

Developed: 2010

Food trucks being mobile businesses require a web presence. A graphic template was translated into a fully functional WordPress theme. Custom Cufon font and pixel focused detail. Two-day photography shoot over hot lunch hours with post-editing. Integration with Twitter feed. Role: Translate PSD to front-end

New Economy Labs

Developed: 2011

Role: Front-End Developer HTML5/CSS/jQuery jQuery page slide movement Media queries, mobile Branding agency website that emphasizes its focus on visual messages with my own large-scaled photography. Client wanted to show some web tech prowess without using Flash and I suggested using jQuery fades to seamlessly

Nicollet Media

Role: UX Design, Front-End Development, HTML/CSS Design and development of Nicollet Media’s company website. As co-owner and director of development, I created a beautiful, sophisticated site that would invite new customers to our sense of style with straight-forward efficiency. Our focus was working with retail

SodaPop Records

Developed: 2010

Proposed web design for Los Angeles music label SodaPop Records.

Local Coffee Shop

Developed: 2010

Deliver big branding to small businesses.