Cafe Kem

  • Website
  • WordPress
  • Custom theme
  • Slideshow
  • Contact Form
  • Social Media
  • Facebook fan page setup
  • Twitter account setup
  • Auto-post to Facebook from Twitter
  • Print
  • Three panel menu board
  • Two-sided sandwich board
  • Business cards with drink stamps
  • Interior displays: horizontal toppings guide, frozen yogurt flavor magnetic signs, coming soon signs
  • Take-out brochure menu (3-fold)
  • Photography
  • Product staging, capture and editing
  • Photos of store exterior/interior, drinks, fruit toppings

Originally a website project, the client enjoyed the proposed theme and in-turn further contracted photography and graphic/print design which would feature in-store as well. The wire frame follows other frozen yogurt competitors except it is toned to warmer colors to reflect the interior design. Photography and bold typography give the site a slightly whimsy feel. The client preferred an in-page Facebook feed and Blogger widget as opposed to taking advantage of WordPress blog functions. Their audience demographic was certainly younger and their outreach followed social media channels. The graphic design portion involved duplicating online elements for print and vice versa. Many hours were spent swapping images in the visual menu and toppings display. Printing was done locally which involved selection of stock and coatings.