MNDaily & Manitou Messenger

In the mid 2000s, I was asked to offer redesign proposals for two student newspapers, the Minnesota Daily and the Manitou Messenger. The confined spaces of monitor resolutions in 2005 was no deterrent to newspapers websites moving to a main center column, three-column format, of which I adopted for both. Maximizing use of screen space for advertising was and still is coveted. In the center column of both designs, div tags allowed more organic spacing and containing of related items (mimicking print copy of listing News, Politics, Sports sections, etc). This philosophy of related content would bring us to today’s HTML5 section article. For both papers I presented several rounds of iteration and approval with the main editorial staff. At the Daily, I had the pleasure of working closely with back-end programmers whereas at St. Olaf, I personally had to edit the Manitou’s now outdated ColdFusion templates. Additionally the Minnesota Daily had me develop a small Flash site to show off that year’s Grapevine Awards.