Twin Cities History in Maps

The first in a series of Google Maps tools that leverages geo-mapping for urban studies analysis. Users explore the historical settlement of the Twin Cities, grouped into residential districts that plug into informational windows and Streetview hot spots. The Twin Cities Residential Patterns Map details residential “zones” defined by geographers Judith Martin and David Lanegran. KML layers are overlaid onto Google Maps with Javascript toggles, allowing users to focus on each zone. The layers are split up into individual sections and when clicked upon will call forth a window showing the contents embedded into the KML. This allows users to continually and easily update the map through Google Maps. Google Streetview has been customized to partially overlay the map. Information windows are contained in pop-up jQuery modals so the user never needs to leave the page. Overlays such as streetcar lines reveal the relationship between transportation and housing.

  • Role: Front-End Developer, Conceptual Project, UX Design
  • js/jQuery, Google Maps API