Planning for a LEED Neighborhood

Create a mixed-use redevelopment (“Beacon’s Bluff”) that adheres to principles of environmental sustainability. Evaluate the former 3M site in Saint Paul’s Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood for potential LEED Neighborhood Development certification. Team project with multiple components.

Length: Spring 2010, 2 months


  • Write extensive narratives on site background, history, current conditions, proposed uses, public participation process, transportation connections, environmental impacts, and project cost-benefit analysis.
  • Work through LEED-ND checklist to calculate points, provide contextual justification and evidence on over 30 data points.
  • Conduct traffic analysis and impact utilizing city data and trip generation models.
  • Evaluate cost-benefit through calculating unit mix and potential revenue, construction cost projections.

Beacon’s Bluff LEED-ND Analysis Final Report

Beacon’s Bluff Traffic Analysis

Trends in Successful Urban Districts – Supporting documentation